I am a writer, editor, researcher, and historian with interests in the history of science and technology and German history. Currently, I am a Senior Associate Editor at Physics Today, the flagship physics magazine of the American Institute of Physics and one of the world’s leading physics magazines. I write short- and long-form articles for the magazine, including both historical pieces and reported news stories. I also develop and edit externally authored content.

My historical work focuses on the interaction between scientists and the state, primarily in twentieth-century Germany. I am currently working on a book entitled Nazi Entanglement: Pascual Jordan, Quantum Mechanics, and the Legacy of the Third Reich, about the largely forgotten German theoretical physicist Pascual Jordan (1902-1980).

I received my PhD from the Committee on Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science at the University of Chicago in June 2019. I also received an MA in history from the University of Chicago, and earned a BA in history at Princeton University.