Other Research Services

I am also available for many other types of research services. Here are a few types of services I can carry out. These are only the tip of the iceberg, though; if you think my services may be useful to you, your family, or your company in another way, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Research in Local Archives (Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, DC areas)

Are you located far away and in need someone on the ground to carry out archival research for you? I am based in the Philadelphia area and I can carry out research in local libraries, special collections, and archives. I am familiar with special collections and archives at Penn, Temple, Drexel, Princeton, the American Philosophical Society, and the Library Company of Philadelphia. I have also researched extensively in the Philadelphia City Archives.

I am also familiar with archives in the New York, Baltimore, and DC areas and, with enough notice, can also carry out research trips to these areas.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

Corporate Histories

Does your company need a history page for its website, or a longer writeup for a pamphlet or publication?
I can research and write a history for your firm or business. Please contact me for a quote.

Research and/or Writing for Museum Exhibits

Does your museum need to carry out research on particular objects or documents you would like to display in an exhibit (particularly German-language sources)? Do you need someone to write descriptions for historical objects to be put on display? I am fluent in this type of work and can provide a quote.

Historical Consulting for Entertainment Productions

Does your television production or film need a historical consultant for an entertainment project? Are you writing a piece of period fiction but need someone to check its historical accuracy? I can advise you on such matters. I specialize in German history (particularly 20th century) but am also well-versed in modern European history and American history and can advise you on how to accurately depict any of these periods. Please contact me for a quote.