Translations from German

Do you need translations of documents written in German? Are you having trouble reading old German handwriting? Whether you are looking for translation or looking for someone to transcribe texts written in difficult scripts, I can help.

I am fluent in German, and can easily read texts printed in the old Gothic font (Fraktur) as well as letters and manuscripts handwritten in the old German scripts (Sütterlin and Kurrent, sometimes referred to in English as “Schrift”). These scripts are so challenging to decipher that most native German speakers today cannot read them! (And for family researchers they are of great importance, as many immigration documents were handwritten in these scripts.)

My translation rates vary according to the readability of the particular handwriting you would like translated. Please contact me for details and send a sample image of the documents you would like translated.

If you can read German, but struggle to read older script, I can also offer transcription services for handwritten texts as well.

Ready to get started with translations or transcriptions? Contact me here!